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Hey Jeepers! CRAWL TV has been an exciting adventure for us, but it is a hobby and we budget very hard to produce what we do with our own money. From purchasing parts for new install videos to gassing up the Jeep to hit more events and meet you guys, it gets expensive! Make no mistake, we appreciate each and every one of you, whether you're a patreon supporter or not. Thanks so much for everything you all do!
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To make CRAWL TV happen, we spend hours on end filming and editing. We're not complaining, because we love doing it. The problem is just that it creates an additional financial burden to us and can sometimes strain the budget. Our goal with Patreon is to install more parts, meet you out at more events and create MUCH MORE content than we ever have been able to! It just takes a lot of small contributions from a lot of fellow Jeepers :)
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