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per each chapter.
A personalized thank you recording, in which I will say, "Thank you for your help (insert name here)!" or something along those lines.
per each chapter.
I will say a paragraph (~250 words on the larger side) worth of whatever you want essentially, as long as it's nothing excessively profane.
Limited (4 of 5 remaining)
per each chapter.
I will read anything* of your choosing. And you get a big 'ol thank you from yours truly!
* Word counts at or around 10,000 at most please, and I will be previewing the story for its content. Obviously try not to pick anything too obscene. With your permission, I will publish this reading onto my channel. If there are multiple of these at once, a queue will form, and all will be read on a first come first serve basis.




per each chapter.


You hardly have to pledge to me; this is simply for those who have been telling me that they would like to pay... for whatever reason. Either way, enjoy the readings!

*Note* In the event of a chapter consisting of more than one part, no charge will be made until the final part of the chapter is uploaded. It's not fair for anyone to pay for half of a chapter.
$1 – reached! per each chapter.
I've already tried to post this goal several times. Maybe it just doesn't want to stay still? Regardless, the way I see it is I have no funding goals. You should only throw money at me if you want to. Power to the people!
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