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About CrazyKipps

After 3 years of being a content creator for YouTube, I still love every single day i record, edit and upload a video for you guys! Never has fame or fortune been a goal for me, i just enjoy the fact that people out there love watching my content. 

Unfortunately over the past year my fundings have gone dramatically down hill, for the people who do not know, i am a University student, with this comes some expensive bills, you may be asking "Why don't you get yourself a job" And this is why i am here asking for your help.

I have just come out from a year jobs which i took inbetween my degree, i tested the waters of being able to balance my YouTube, Stream and Work all together at once, some of you may have noticed that this did not work. I suffered over that period extreme depression due to the weight of everything, with this came a lot of side effects, which if you are interested can message me about. 

Over my summer, i really want to push my channel forward, bringing you guys some of the best content i can possibly create, i want to learn new editing skills and hopefully bring you all more entertaining content. But i cannot do this without your support, i have been given the choice, do i leave my YouTube passion behind and work in a supermarket to live, or do i take a chance with YouTube and your support and push through to success.

I hope that you all understand, and that you can help me through these times, a lot of you will know i hate asking for help or support, but sometimes we have to give in. Thank You - Kipps
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Thank you all for getting me to this goal, i can;t offer anything like Cookies, but i can all offer you a giant hug if we ever meet :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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