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About Cre80s

With the successful launch of the YouTube channel, I thought it time for an official Patreon page! 

Cre80s is the expression of my lifetime of interest in all things creative.  It's focus is less of a matter of professional pursuits and more of making sure to include casual creativity in our daily grind, all in an 80s obsessiveness (at an intensity only I'm able to sustain without gagging) all presented in YouTube installments I'm endeavoring to upload in weekly installments, depending on content complexity.  If you're here to entertain the notion of supporting the channel, I'm already grateful!  So far, the videos are a lot of fun but a lot of work and a bit of expenses.  As production value climbs, I'm certain all 3 will follow.

With viewer support, Cre80s will gain traction, and the videos will become more... creative!  Please review the tier level and it's reward for a fit right for you.

Thank you so much for your totally righteous interest, and we'll see you on Cre80s!


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