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Ask not what your creative community can do for you. Ask what you can do for your creative community.

CreativeFluff Magazine is a New York City based online publication focused on emerging artists, designers, and film-makers. Founded in 2008, Creative Fluff has sought to find the very best in creative culture in everything from architecture and interior design, to animation and the fashion industry. We do this in order to share a different artistic perspective with you. We offer an impeccably curated showcase of modern artists and cultural insights that you can’t find anywhere else.

We spend a lot of time talking to, writing about, and working with under-appreciated, new artists from all over the world. We firmly believe in the artists we work with and we use our magazine as a platform to help them reach out to the creative community and gain more exposure for their work. Every artist needs a foundation before becoming a great and CreativeFluff hopes to be the cornerstone of that foundation.

Here are the things that your monthly donation will contribute to:
Actually paying writers. Right now we do everything out of love with little to no monetary compensation.We all have lives and jobs beyond CreativeFluff and any money would allow us devote more work-hours to the magazine.Advertising. An advertising budget would help CreativeFluff increase it’s readership and develop a more robust audience that artist’s and designers would have access to.A Yearly Print Magazine. This has always been on our to-do list, but a lack of funds has decidedly kept this just out of reach despite.A TransAtlantic Art Podcast. Want to hear an American and a Brit talk about all things good, bad, and weird about art? Well you can if we hit the donation cap!Guides & Help Books for Artists. One of our most popular articles of 2014 was our Ultimate Marketing Guide for Artists - this was devoted to teaching creatives how to present and market themselves professionally - something not typically taught in school.
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Woo! People are actually getting paid to write. How novel.
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