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About Wes Kirk

Hello everyone! I’m Wes… and I love weaving stories that both thrill and entertain.

I am also a member of many writing groups where I gather advice to share with others. I especially like experimenting with different genres and formats across the board. I believe the best way to grow as a creative individual, especially writers, is to try areas outside of your comfort zone. With that in mind I’ve been growing my catalog in both depth and width. With very few limitations: I’ll write about anything. But don’t worry, I have a sorting system so you’re able to find those things that you’ll enjoy, and bypass those things you may not be as keen to read because of genre or subject matter. Through a strange string of events, writing has started becoming a dominate force in my life. While some may see that as a drawback, with ever increasing certainty I’m seeing it as something that I actually want to focus on and explore at every given opportunity.

Patreon allows us to show our support for artists who create things we enjoy, by pledging money for each creation made and released. In my case this will be a mix of: chapters from larger works, short stories, or a small collection of works (which individually are under 1,000 words each). Some of these will be released in various formats and locations (Tumblr, my blog, Fanfiction, FictionPress, AO3, and others as they become available) along with a weekly stream on twitch at twitch.tv/Lord_Kain1 where I'll write live, take suggestions, and answer questions. Other works will be in the Patron Only section of Patreon and later on a website for my Patrons (whenever we reach that particular stretch goal). And that’s not even including my plans for turning some of the stories into games that all of you will be able to play! My starting goal is making and releasing material twice a month. Every month. As time goes on, and support grows, I hope to increase the regularity of updates.

Here, your pledge can be any amount you wish, and every penny would not only help me produce the work I do, but would be received with my heartfelt thanks. Additionally, if you pledge $1 or more you’ll gain access to all kinds of behind the scene goodness. Increasing support gains increasing perks, including free books and the ability to make requests while helping to guide the course of my career!

Please note, I will most likely release two Patron supported content a month, with possibly more regular updates in the future. You can set a monthly max, so there’s no sticker shock and you won’t accidentally go over your monthly budget. While there will be random freebies thrown in just as a “THANK YOU!” the regular guaranteed rewards are listed under "TIERS".

*** POINT OF INTEREST: Writing Restrictions/ Limitations!
As get’s referenced a few times below, here are the restrictions… While I will write in any genre, and will write both original fiction (with or without guidance and suggestions) and fanfiction based on requests... I have a set of moral restrictions to what I write. I don’t mean smut, you request smut, I’ll do it. Even LGBQT. I really don’t care about that. Different strokes for different folks (Multi-level pun intended). Winnie the Pooh getting 'shipped' with Piglet and ruining childhoods worldwide? Fine. Awkward? Definitely. But not viscerally sickening. I may be a garbage disposal, but I have my standards. I take extreme issue with graphic depiction of child molestation. A mentioning of it as backstory / motivator is one thing, but explicit depiction of it is a no go. Beyond that, I’m a pretty easy going guy. Pretty much anything else goes. Although, because I know how the internet is with people doing their best to testing limits, I DO reserve the right here to add to this list and refuse requests later based on said discovery. Don’t worry, I won’t rage on anyone about a request, I’ll simply state “no” on the rare occasion that someone comes up with something that even twists my stomach.

So to recap the restrictions as of October 5, 2015: No kiddie porn nor molestation. We on the same page? Awesome!
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I'm going to start upgrading my equipment. It will be a slow process, but the over all quality of all audio and video will improve as funds and opportunity allow.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post