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is creating a book about creativity: yours, mine and ours.

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I'm writing a book about the creative voice.

There are at least two very distinct voices which exist inside all of us. The voice with which we speak, which represents who we believe we are, and the voice with which we create, which communicates most clearly in those moments when we've forgotten who we are.

I want to understand the internal experience of the creative.  To understand where the creative impulse starts so that, if extinguished, it can be reignited. And if expressed, can be expanded to encompass more of the canvas that is our personality. The goal: To encourage my peers (you) and myself (because the best advice I ever received was that you must always write for yourself first) to walk through life as a creative, and not (as is my experience of the world right now) fear. Ultimately, this is an exploration into relationship that we have with ourselves and with our ideas. 

Our imaginations are valuable. And this work goes beyond colouring and playing creative games. This is about finding the courage to share our voice in a way that is uniquely ours, and then discovering how to speak with that voice in life. 

I am estimating a duration of two years to complete this project.
The first year will be spent collecting interviews from creatives in all disciplines, and with experts on the topic of creativity (I already have over 50 interviews collected).
The second year will be spent writing, putting together ideas, and writing draft after draft. Getting the book to a very strong finished product.

As I work on this book,
all the conversations and stories I gather will be published on my website: Creative Life, so that you'll know who I'm speaking, what I'm learning as I learn it, and you'll also get to weigh in on the conversation.

Every voice is valuable. But when we create, and live, from a place of fear and a belief in our own exclusion, we’re missing the opportunity to contribute to the tapestry of voices as ourselves. My mission is creative empowerment.  You have something to say, and I want you to be empowered to share what that is with your art, and with your voice.

I am a writer, actor, and spoken word poet. To learn more about me, click here.

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