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About Creator's Cove

Creator's Cove is a Utah based company where creators of all kinds can express their art. Whether you are a writer, artist, musician, or even a gamer, we're looking to provide a space for you to work with your medium. Our overall hope is to improve the local creative community and give people the opportunity to improve their skills and meet like minded individuals.

Not everyone can afford a home studio or find the space for one. Others may have one but find that it's too easy to get distracted when you can't separate your home space from your work space. These are the issue we wish to tackle by creating a physical location equipped with a broad range of tools for the artist of any type.

Things we're planning to provide to our members include access to high speed internet, high end computers for rendering or other projects, access to in-house editors and publishing connections, Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets, a recording booth, a gaming lounge, board rooms and space for tabletop gaming or writers group meetups, and much more in the works!

Creator's Cove has not launched yet! We are currently looking for a suitable space, and though we are preparing much of the equipment now, we could still use the support. We believe in this company and we hope that it will be well received by the community.