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You will get access to my Patreon account which has various goodies. like wips and pieces of art I will only post here, and one sketch of any character from my comics you like. C:
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You will get one sketch as well as access to pages of both my comics before they are published. (and of course access to my patreon account with all of those goodies)
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You get every reward above (unless if its quantity is limited) as well as one request for a sketch after 2 months of being a Patreon, and access to a feed where I post comic ideas no one has seen before with some of their pages and everything. Each month after you can continue to request a basic sketch. Also after a full year I will send you 3 sketches in the mail along with maybe a few extra surprises like candy >u<




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About Crellth's Comics

      Hi! I'm of course Crellth but I also go by the nickname AJ. I've always loved writing stories, and when I was in elementary school I found out I loved drawing too! I couldn't give up either so I combined them. Turns out I really love drawing comics and the friends I make while drawing them. (Bakuman and Gekkan Shoujo are my obsession) C: I've been drawing for around 8 years now, putting lines over paper and making stories out of them. I'd like there to be more really strange but interesting stories in this world so that's my goal as a "graphic novelist"
             Currently I'm writing two stories! one known as "POD" and the other is "mONsteR HuGS". Pod is about a post apocalyptic world and a romance in-between a very special girl and a very cursed boy. mONsteR HuGS is about Atlas an underground fighter in the monster/human world that comes across a romance he wasn't expecting.

            Here's a list of things you would be helping me with if you support me:
                              - college  x a billion
                              - art supplies
                              - getting my comics better known like advertising
                              - giving me even more of a reason to write more comics
                              - I will love you forever (seriously)
 I also plan to post from time to time what I bought and how I used it with your pledges.  

*** all rewards that deal with sketches and drawing are limited to ten people for each level, sketching and painting takes a very long time so that's why***                          
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Enough to cover a new watercolor sketchbook.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
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