Crippled King

is creating the musical remedy for the disease that is existance.
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Garunteed at least one new original track per month....the style variation may surprise you! Eligabilty for entry  to win a Real Reckles Crew shirt. Drawing done every 3 months.




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About Crippled King

Im not disabled. I am underestimated. I sing songs of battle while I ride to face it in my chariot of war.
I am King by the right of my will. A king is a sacrifice for his people. If they follow I cannot help but lead. My path is not easy but victory lies at the end! Welcome to the Kingdom. You always belonged here. And I serve YOU, ...yes, you. -Crippled King
Enlightening music for dark minds, in dark times.
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When I Reach 300 a month I will record and release the first Crippled King Music Video. 
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