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If you support me at the $1 level, you'll get your name in the liner notes of my next EP, and access to patron-only extras like live recordings, videos, and other goodies!
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Supporting me at the $5 level gets your name in the liner notes, a digital copy of my next EP, and a hand-written lyrics sheet for your favourite song!
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For a pledge of $6 I will record for you an acoustic cover of a song of your choice (within the limits of reason and my talent) and post it to Youtube. Redeemable once per pledge.




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About Ian Cromwell

I'm a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. I draw from a wide variety of influences (from Barenaked Ladies to John Mayer to The Roots) to create music, using my guitar, my viola, and my voice. I live to create music, and am working every week to add new content. Support from patrons will mean that I can afford better recording equipment, studio time, and professional production. As a patron, you'll get first access to created music, exclusive content that won't be available elsewhere, and behind-the-scenes looks at what I'm doing thanks to your support.

Here's how it works: I produce music in my home studio. You pledge what you'd like, and pay only when I release a new song. The money you pledge goes toward sending me to a professional studio to record an EP with session musicians. Patrons get extra rewards based on the amount of their pledge. It's that easy!

For a sample of my work, see the above video, or check out my SoundCloud page!
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A lot of my tracks require drums, and while I'm developing some mad skillz with my Casio keyboard, nothing beats the sound of REAL drums. Help me pay another musician to set my songs to a real beat.
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