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You've decided you find Jamie funny, weird or entertaining enough to skid a little pizza money his way.  He thanks you and your family, especially blessing the livelihood of your goats.

You can ask me a question on twitch or in the freenode irc channel #pegasus-project and I'll stop what I'm doing and help you for a bit. You can even hit me up as a patreon on discord!

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su Jamie -c"answer -q 'Why don't you come help me?'"
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You are actually helping pay bills here pal.  This means you get to, a couple of times a month stop Jamie while he's streaming or email him and ask him a question.  That's right, you can ask him something and he'll give you the best answer he's got.  It may not be right, but it'll damn sure be enthusiastic.  You also get to talk with me on discord.
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sh ./tech_support -c 'dial Jamie'
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Okay,'ve moved up to actually making an impact on the monetary structure of my household.  You actually get my cell phone number and can call me once a month with any computer problem or programming question (as long as it's something I /know/ and can answer) and I'll go through the process of helping you out.  Plus, you get a shiny patreon account on discord.
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20 folks like me enough to support me?  I'll do an honorable mention of my patreon's type segment on my show once a week.
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