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I can now turn on my games and start to play. You can feel super good for getting me to my dream of playing games and buying snacks while I play. And sharing my game play of course.

Access to Patreon only Posts. (so Good.) ;)

Be Boop Beep....argh!!!
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Now you're really helping out and I am really amazed. I'll be able to play even more days, though I guess I'll be doing that already. ;) If this keeps up, maybe I can stop making pizza for a living and really exercise my trigger fingers.

So many Games...
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I have way too many games I want to play but it's just so hard to decide. You can help me by telling me what you want to see me play. I can make a poll and whoever is here, can vote. And then, I will play that game, or at least try until it's too painful for all who watch. ;)




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About Cross-Fire Kitty

I am Cross Fire Kitty (or just Lisa) and I love to play video games.(mostly horror, though I'd call that a Love/ hate thing really.)

I love trying to perfects each game I play, but mostly I enjoy making it through the game even when I majorly mess up.  I also love to get all the trophies. Who doesn't love all the trophies??

I am learning how to edit and to add commentary and just how to talk to the unseen audience right now; it's a work in progress.

I don't have many perks to offer just yet, but anyone willing to help have the abilities to get in more game play,  is more than welcome to my Patreon posts.  Anyone who can help me out has my highest gratitude, but I am also just happy to share my game play and hope someone gets enjoyment from my fumbling antics as much as I do.

Central Time/ USA (trying to keep on schedule)
Mon : 7- late (Adventure Time:Pirates of the Enchiridion)
Tues : 7- late (game title coming)
Wed Off (clean house and visit sister ;)
Thurs 7- Late (game title coming)
Fri 7- Late (Game title coming)
Sat Off ( day Job gets in way)
Sun 7- late (Try various games for short times / 10 -15 minutes)

I like playing both popular games and small indie games. I hope you will enjoy my journey.

The last of Us
The Evil Within 1 and 2
Uncharted - all of them

and much much more...

$0 of $400 per month
I can make more gaming content and get better equipment to record with. I know this will take time, so at the moment, I am happy to just get good at gaming. :)
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