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About Chris Castle

Born Christopher Bryan Jastrem on July 8, 1992 in Eugene Oregon. Chris caught the entertaining bug at a young age. Videos show Chris dancing around to Prince songs and acting out his own imagination as young as five. Three days after graduating high school in Vancouver, WA. Chris packed his Chrysler Lebaronand drove over a thousand miles to the small town of Los Angeles California, where he no call son home.

A feature film leading action/drama actor, Chris castle has been pursuing entertainment for over ten years landing roles in short films such as The Destroyer, Chase, and Badlands to being the lead actor in independent movies including Zero, The Dollhouse, and Invasive Species.

Chris has worked with directors such as Darren Stien, Michael M. Robin, and Robin Khi Johnson.

He is currently working on two feature length films, The Last Car Ride Home will be shot in the summer of 2019. He is also developing, and will eventually act in movies created by Ellipsis Studios, a production company he is a producer at and Partner of.