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You haven't gained your wings yet! With this tier you gain access to the private discord to ask questions and talk with other pledgers and exclusive looks at sketches of current projects and commissions!
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Greater Serpent
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While you may not have wings, you've got the gift of flight and magic. With this tier you gain everything from the Drake tier, as well as many other goodies. Exclusive discord roles with access to a section where you can ask more in depth questions and first looks at finished projects!
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Emperor Wyvern
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A vast size and wings, you are truly the kings and queens of your domain. With this tier you gain an all access pass to the Discord server, including a special section where you can ask for red lines and help! You will see multiple work in progress between the sketch and finished stages, and private art streams!
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About Cryptid-Horror

Over the years it has been great thanks to the people who have supported my artwork through commissions, views, shares, and comments that I've been able to make it even this far in my artistic career. As a thank you, I want to give back to my community of fans by providing specialized rewards that are unique to those who choose to pledge and help me continue my aspirations! 

My patreon is intended to be a very relaxed and chill space where creativity can be nurtured and explored! I will be offering sneak peaks at current illustrations, sketches, one on one help, private streams, and a private discord channel for those who pledge! Thank you so much for your continued support!
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Honestly I don't have any earning based goals, this is intended to be a relaxed and chill environment! However should the support swell to a point where I feel comfortable, I will gladly include special limited commissions with a discount price for my patrons!
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