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"I believe in you, kid" is what you thought when you came here, and I promise I'll make you proud. 

Thank you kindly for your support and that $1 will go a long way into ensuring I can continue to do this, every little helps and I am eternally grateful to you. 

I'm not going to paygate any content, it may be that Patrons get an earlier shout towards developments sooner but generally when it becomes available, I want it available for everyone!

DISCORD: My discord server is public but the Patrons do get to have PURPLE usernames in the server and get listed separately to everyone else, to feel special! 

Here the room invite: 


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"Go get 'em!" is what your thinking, and I'm empowered by your support. 

Every amount gets myself one step closer and I can't thank you enough for enabling development to continue as we adventure together towards Crystal Cannons release.

+ Includes in-game credit and thank you!

Thank you so much for your support!

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"Where you go, my blade shall follow" is what your thinking and I am so grateful you are investing this much in me to forge this journey.  

It's my dream to make games full-time, Crystal Cannons is that foundation and whether its $1 or $100, every penny counts in helping me realise that dream.

 + Includes in-game credit and thank you! 

Thank you, and I really mean eternally thank you!

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What is this?
I have created this Patreon in the hopes that I will be able to focus fully on completing the development of Crystal Cannons; and with YOUR support Crystal Cannons can be released much sooner!

What is Crystal Cannons?
Crystal Cannons is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 for Android/iOS initially with aims to bring to PC and home consoles at a later date (Steam/Nintendo Switch then PlayStation 4/Xbox One).

This is a twinstick shooter game that harkens back to the golden era.
Using an array of weaponry and player powerups, the Player must defeat bespoke enemies and their "leaders", fighting through distinct environments as you attempt to stop their advance.
Making use of generated gameplay and with a sprinkling of randomisation, it ensures that Crystal Cannons is a unique experience everytime.

What about you?
I have always been passionate about videogames from since a very early age, upon receiving my first console, the Sega MegaDrive, which led to my foray with countless systems and games following.

I have also been fortunate following my studies at college/university in Game Design and Development to work at some incredible companies (Jagex Ltd., Reflections-Ubisoft Ltd, Rare Ltd., Wales Interactive Ltd) as well at a leader in Virtual Reality development (Virtalis Ltd.) where I gained valuable experience working alongside talented people and disciplines.

It really matters to me that Crystal Cannons is finished and lays the foundation for a continued endeavour in independent game development, where I can then look to bring on others into the business that grows as a result and develop quality innovative titles.

What about me?
Please join the Crystal Cannons Discord and share your voice on the games development or if you have any further questions!

Thank you so much for your support, and coming with me on this journey!
$0 of $1,000 per month
This will allow myself to commit to full-time development and production of Crystal Cannons covering all monthly expenses (rent+bills+food).
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