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You are really supporting me a TON, and $5 is super generous of you. Totally worthy of a proper IRL thanks, so you'll be getting a card from me! It'll be cool, from wherever I am in the world, and no one else will have one just like yours. Thank you! Plus you get access to the patron-only feed. Yay!
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This is a massive amount of money to support an artist with. Like, huge. And I don't take this lightly. So I am going to give you a lighthearted and fun reward, by sending you extra secret surprise "things". Like stuff I don't want everyone to know. The outtakes. My embarrassing moments. Photos or poetry that aren't for everyone. The moments that mean more to me than a public share. This is where we really get cosy and you know me for reals. Plus of course everything above. This should be interesting!




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About Crystal

Hello You! Let me start with why this site rocks.

First, I don't buy the starving artist thing. Second, I don't think it should cost a bomb to enjoy art. The tricky thing is making those two ideas work together - and we FINALLY have a platform that does this. Patreon completely rocks.

Basically, I am a full time author and poet; a human library/troubadour hybrid. I want to fully live every subject I am interested in - rather than just reading the book. (Or, you know, do both.)

Through writing stories, articles, reviews, poems, making videos, word based artworks, and more awesome things, I am supporting a new kind of currency where I trade these skills for global experiences. Instead of getting a sore bum from sitting on a swivel-chair, I now get one from riding a rickshaw thousands of k's or learning what it takes to feed myself independently for a year. There are endless things I want to learn and share, and I can't do it in a grey, beepy cubicle. 

As part of this mission, code name "Project Curious", I'm creating an online library of 365 amazing things that you can vicariously experience - one for each day of the year.

In return for your (so freaking brilliant!) pledge,  I will share with you in a ton of creative ways. The most obvious are videos, podcasts, interviews, write ups, stories, and educational reviews. But there are millions of ways to communicate and I'll find them. (It's best you like surprises, as there will definitely be some.)

You can pledge any amount you want, even less than a dollar! If you pledge $5 or more, I'll immediately send you a handwritten card from somewhere awesome in the world. Every single pledge means I can truly embody learning incredible something every day and share it. I LOVE this. That includes you.

To check out my world visit

CD x
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I can buy a real grown up laptop to edit vids and produce better content. Hoorah!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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