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About CubeMatrix

Hello beautiful people!
More than a company, CubeMatrix is a lifestyle, a methodology, and even, why not, a belief system.

We want to create content of all kinds, from gaming tips and episodic playthroughs, animations, how-to videos, commentary and in general; fun stuff!

A bit personal a little controversial certainly internal. A platform designed for content production.
To express a series of ongoing videos and materials useful to almost anyone with a yearning to have fun, to learn and to share. CubeMatrix is a series that tries to express our thoughts on different topics: Gaming, Critical Thinking, Illustration, 3D modeling, Atheism, Music, Religion, Love, Life, Death, Self Merit, Dreams, you get the picture. All transferred to an audiovisual format with some nice production thrown in. We will be adding to the formula as time goes by, and we get a good feel for what you like and are interested in. The sky is the limit, creativity and versatility comes natural to us here at CubeMatrix. We'll be in collaboration with other content creators, and plan to constantly invest time, effort, knowledge and the best  possible positive energy that we can muster to get you quality content that you can get accustomed to and come back for more every week.
All this is for you ♥ the viewer.

Dan Bolivar
CubeMatrix Gamer - Creative Generalist - Illustrator Designer - 3D Modeler

Veronica Daruich
Public Relations, Research & Good Vibes Department

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