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Hello everybody, my name is Curtis Bonds. You may recognize my work from various streams on Nintendo World Report TV, and Miiverse-related videos on my YouTube channel, and as the host of Double NintenDare at conventions such as MAGfest and PAX.

When my Allan and Nicole video started getting passed around, I knew I wanted to start making gaming videos for a living. People have always told me that I have a great voice and sense of humor, so I figured why not take advantage of it? With varying levels of success, I've made videos for both Nintendo World Report and my own YouTube channel, and host video game streams several times a week. While the frequency has dropped over time, I would like to be able to do them more often without the worry or feeling that my time would be better spent at a day job.

With your support, I can have more time to focus on creating videos without interference from a day job, focus more on my craft, do more game streams throughout the week, and travel to more conventions to put on gameshows like Double NintenDare.

Thank you for your time and consideration! :)
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We've been having a ton of fun on Minecraft for the past few weeks, so this basically keeps the server running every month!
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