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This tier is for those who enjoy the content that I produce for what it is and want an entry-level point to support me from. Benefits include:

 • A monthly thank you message

 • Access to Patreon Posts with card design concepts and set updates, and finished cards in JPG format

 • Access to Polls for weekly standalone cards

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This tier is for those who want to actively partake in discussion of the cards and sets that I design alongside other fans. Also, with posts containing high resolution PNG files of the cards I create/alter/reimagine. Benefits include: 

 • All benefits of the previous tier

 • Access to the Custom MTG Discord and the Discord Sponsor role

 • Access to regular posts for finished/altered cards in PNG format

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 This tier is for those who not only want to actively partake in discussion of the cards and sets that I design alongside other fans, but want to have their say in what gets made in a way that a simple weekly poll won't allow.

Benefits include:

 • All benefits of the previous tiers

 • The Discord Sponsor+ role

 • Have your playtest feedback (if any) taken into consideration for future card changes/set balancing. 

 • Access to an exclusive discussion channel on the MTG Custom Discord where you have an active line of communication with me to talk and discuss your thoughts about cards currently in the design process.

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Hi there! I go by Cloud on online platforms because I enjoy cloud-related weather. Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm your average tabletop gaming enthusiast, briefly put. In a few more words, D&D, Magic: the Gathering, and other various board games have always been lifelong favorite pastimes of mine. I've also had a penchant for design in various forms.

Recently, I've found my muse designing custom cards and even entire sets for Magic. I love doing it as it allows for me to exercise my creativity in a way I don't feel like I've been able to before. However, it's equal parts time-consuming and demanding to get done with any real degree of skill or excellence despite the joy I get from doing it. Because of this, it's difficult to justify putting more than a few hours at a time into this creative hobby that I love. Additionally, I strive for excellence with my work, and my card-crafting endeavors often leave me hard-pressed to look for permission from artists with suitable pieces for each card I make, as well as commissioning art for the rest that I just can't fill, which is prohibitive, to say the least!

But, with all of that in mind, if you choose to support me through Patreon, it doesn't come without its perks!

What's in it for you:

Most of what I create will eventually become available to the wider community of the internet and Magic as a whole. However, getting to that point requires dozens of iterations, corrections, balancing, and even playtesting first. Most Patrons will get early access to card concepts as I take them through the various phases of design and completion.

Access to Discord - For regular updates and live conversation with the community at large; this is a place that you'll be able to speak to me and leave feedback directly, make suggestions, or just talk Magic with fans of the game, both the actual game or the custom cards that I create!

Access to Community Polls - I like making cards and you like to see them (hopefully). A weekly poll is held for all of my Patrons that allows you to influence the kind of cards that I make. The cards can be standalone, but some might end up featured in a custom set!

Access to All Cards in JPG/PNG Format - This goes hand-in-hand with playtesting on digital platforms or even in real life, but it also serves as something that you can use to just show off/share your favorite custom cards with other Magic aficionados in your local community and around the world!

Active Participation in R&D - Not Wizard's R&D. That would be awesome, though. No, this is Custom MTG R&D, and you get to be a part of it through playtesting and feedback to help bring some truly awesome ideas to life!

And More with every Milestone! - As milestones are reached, I will add to or otherwise update this list with the corresponding perk that comes along with reaching it. The more I'm able to earn doing what I love, the more I'm able to set aside time working on this hobby, and the more I'm able to give back to you the community for making it possible. (:

Note: As I get settled into my groove, I plan to create various social media pages that you can follow to keep tabs on where I'm at with the current set I'm designing where applicable, among other relevant details, so stay tuned!
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There's a pulse, people are interested in what I'm doing and want to see more.
I will devote at least 5-10 hours per week to card design.
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