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I don’t lock my content.  I believe any and every child and family member should have access to content that encourages, educates, inspires, builds confidence and reminds them how insanely special they really are!  If you like “Cute Institute,” and we’re making a positive difference in your home and lives, then your support of a dollar or more can help us stay on the air longer, create and pay for even more unique and exciting content, stay in your lives longer, and make a bigger impact on the lives of growing children around the world.  Thank you!!!




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Hello! Thank you for coming to check out my Patreon page! Some thing you may not know about me and why I started Cute Institute is that I am a former lead hospital chaplain for a major hospital in Denver, CO. The story (“12 Roses, 12 Strangers”) of how I became a chaplain at such a young age is on my podcast which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, or anywhere Podcasts are found by searching for “Cute Institute”. It’s a story about kindness and literally following my actual dream to see where it would lead me.

While I was a chaplain my husband and I struggled with infertility for many, many years. After many losses, we finally were blessed with two sons and a daughter. After my first son was finally born, I returned to work but had worked so hard to bring him into the world that I didn’t want to miss a moment of his life. So I resigned from my role at the hospital to become a full time Mom.


While caring for my children at home, I quickly noticed that there weren’t very many options for quality, entertaining and educational kids content. So, with my background in broadcasting, voice overs, acting and story telling mixed with my love for children...I decided that I would create the type of content that I wished my children could watch.

As a former infertility patient, I waited so long to bring my children into the world, that I wanted to make it the best world and childhood that I could!  And I want the same for every other child in the universe.  I want my children and yours to know each day how treasured and loved they really are!


Now, thanks to YOU and other supporters of my work and contribution to kids programming, I can create inspiring content full-time that encourages your kids to be clever, confident and caring (while involving my own children in the creative process  — hopefully inspiring them too!)

I hope you’ll join our family and journey with us. As a patron, you’re part of a small circle of people supporting me, and therefore we’re even more connected. I long for your feedback and ideas and to really go on this journey of raising children together.  I know that side by side we can make our world a more clever, confident and caring place to live! Thank you! Your support and belief in me moves me to feel that some dreams are actually worth following just to see where it will lead...(again.)

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Currently, I do all of the filming (behind the camera work,) as well as all of the on-camera work, and all of the post-production editing, writing, planning, coordinating, etc myself. This goal will help me to hire a dedicated videographer and purchase a better video camera to bring you cutting edge content in the highest quality to keep up with the shift in video technology.
With a dedicated videographer in place, I can focus on being on-camera, and delivering well thought out messages for you and your child. 
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