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About CyberDarkWolf

Hello and welcome. You can call me CyberDarkWolf and welcome to my Den. Now if your here you most likely know what I do, if you don't I'll give you the heads up.

I make Youtube videos and some other stuff that I will talk about more to my patrons. I mainly play sports games and well, stuff I find enjoyable. Now if your still with me, I like to create stories/storylines using these games.

For example: NCAA Football 14's Dynasty mode, we get to watch a coach lead a team to success or to the bottom of their division. We watch as players graduate and leave and new stars are born. That is only one game though. Think what I could tell with big RPGs like Dragon Age.

You'll learn more about me as time goes on (trust me, I'm a crazy guy). Show some support and help not only my channel grow, but this brand as well. So join my cybernetic canine pack. You don't have to become DC's cyborg though (yeah I'm a bit of a nerd). Nor do you have to genetically turn yourself into part wolf (that would be awesome).

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This will allow me to keep constant new content coming to the channel. That means less hiatus on the channel. Content could include: Variety of sports commentary, seeing more of my personality in games where choices are a factor and much more.
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