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About Cyn

I've wanted to tell stories since I was a kid. But as a "grown-up" I found something I was more passionate about -- helping tell stories through development and editing, which I love.

And I've been lucky so far in the opportunities I've found to get me closer and closer to the career I want: publishing intersectional fiction and non-fiction with passion. But that still leaves writing behind in the dust... leaving me and my first love in that awkward place where I glance at my writing projects wistfully every now and then, promising to come back for them, scribbling notes that will soon be forgotten, which will likely be misplaced before they can be translated into actual writing, and often reminding myself that "I COULD BE WRITING RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF BEING LAZY!" or other such nonsense pressure I put on myself.
But having a full-time job, especially one that requires reading as it is (and non-fiction reading at that), and still living just along the poverty line doesn't leave much space in my mind for story-building and creativity, or brainstorming and focus. It feels quite often like the world drowns out whatever sense of voice I have at the best of times, and it's all made worse by whatever crushing financial, existential, or emotional terror is leaning on me at the worst of times.

So here I am. 
I want to write.
I want to tell stories.

I work on several projects, but my primary goal is the same:
I want to publish stories that are diverse, intersectional, unique, progressive, strong, and represent as many different kinds of people as possible.
I'll use the umbrella term "feminist" a lot, but I know that doesn't cover everything for everyone. The future is feminist and that feminism must be intersectional and inclusive and as diverse as the cosmos.
My main project now is on my passion project: a non-fiction zine series called Ganja Bruja, exploring why I use cannabis, including how it works, what it helps, and why it matters.

My backburner, long-term project has the working series title the Dollar Dreadful collection. A series of serialized fiction zines inspired by classic horror brought into a modern world, featuring horror and sci-fi telling inclusive, creative stories through a feminist lens.

Join me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts