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About Cynn Almodovar

My name is Cynthia Almodovar, but most people just call me Cynn. I'm a long time lover of literature and writing as an art form, and would love to one day be a published author, but as of right now, I am just a Creative Writing College student, with no idea how to apply my major.
     I tend to write Short Stories, setting immersion, and a variety of flash fiction pieces, and in my free time work on a novel that I hope to submit for publication within the next few years. I'm known by those close to me for my sunny disposition, yet seemingly opposite pieces, as well as my wicked fast typing ability and love of corny jokes. I tend to take reality, and just skew it so that it's still very likely to happen, but makes you uncomfortable nonetheless. So essentially--I'm a bit of an enigma, and you'll want to stick around.
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After I've earned $300 I hope to submit a portfolio of pieces to be published as a collection.
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