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Greetings Potential Patrons!

Cython Industries are dedicated developers who want to focus and create unique games to bring high quality and affordable experiences to you. Our games intrigue individuals, lure them in and then surprise them with an unexpected mechanic. 


Current Project

Realm Of Genesis

Our current project, "Realm of Genesis" will be a 2D Side-Scroller sandbox game, but where the entire player community will be the creators of the world and it will aim to be a seamless multiplayer experience.
The community builds the world and bring things to life with special tools that will generate processes.(e.g. The processes could be used for a basic Artificial Intelligence to follow and kill the player, to turn an object into a gun or just a simple trigger.) 

Core Mechanics
  • world building
  • in game script creation (coded in Lua 5.2)
  • Role playing game
  • Massive Multiplayer Online
You wake in a world only of white and a stone arch, you approach the stone arch and notice that it has strange carvings on it, you go to touch the arch and a loud noise brings your attention to a pillar rising from the ground only 2 meters away, the pillar seems to rise in a strange matter. The first 2 meters don't seem to move whilst the rest seem to extend infinitely, at the beginning of the pillar is a strange orb that ripples like water, you have a sudden urge to place your hand in it. you place your hand into the orb, it feels like a gel but once your whole hand is submerged the substance now wont let it escape, a light starts to begin to form where your hand is, growing brighter and brighter, your hand gets hotter in the process, the light gets to a point where you must look away and even though your hand feels like its in fire you don't seem to feel the pain but you know its there. The light eventually fades away and the orb is now pitch black, you are now able to move you hand. You fall to the ground at what has just happened, your hand now made entirely of light, you can still feel and move your fingers, while your trying to understand what has just happened the pillar begins to return to the ground. you return to the arch and as you approach, the carvings begin to glow, some more than others. you touch one of the bright carvings turning it into another color, you do this for all the bright carvings. Once all have been pressed the rest of the carvings go black and another strange orb appears in the middle of the arch but this one already has a light in the middle, you touch the orb and the world around you begins to warp then all of a sudden you have entered a new world filled with color and life.


Your contributions would be a valuable asset in the following ways.
  • Purchase of licensing
  • Purchase of improved hardware
  • Purchase of Services (e.g. Cloud Servers)
  • Increase skills, networking and Professional Development

We envisions the concepts to be successful in both the release and development.
We are keen for the Cython community to be actively connected and to work as a powerful team in their creations.

Cython Industries wishes to deliver user experiences like never before.
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