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I'm not going to lie dudes, my videos are free to watch.. what will $1 get you? I can't thank you enough for the support and give you a twitter shoutout! 
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Hold up, thats $5 a month, you sure you wanna do that?! That's very kind of you dude and i really appreciate it and you will sit in the description of ALL My videos!
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This is getting silly, seriously.. im so grateful to anyone that decides to donate anything to the channel! It will go towards better equipment and games to record though! and you will also be able to have a shoutout in a video!




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About Czarr

Hi, My name is Czarr and i like to entertain people with my videos. People who watch usually enjoy the Funny or chaotic videos i upload. Why should you pledge to me, though? I have no idea.. im just a YouTuber trying to entertain people with my videos!

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