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Hello and Salutation!
My name is Douglas and I live and breathe creativity and I need your help!
I am so excited and grateful to be at this point in my life where I know exactly what I am meant to be doing.  I write, I paint, I draw, I yoga, I sit, I poet, I play, I laugh, I live, I love. 
This is the good work and I need help making sure I can continue to share my skills with the local community and the world!

Currently I'm producing an event for artists in Bristol to flourish called Art Battle.
I'm also co-writing a play about bringing two monks who want to convert their monastary into a Goddess Temple.  It's full of humour, revelation and contemplation.
I've been working for almost 9 months on a series called portraits of poets where local poets come and sit for me and tell me stories that I record.  These people have fantastic tales and I really want to create a unified show with all the pieces together.

But living life is expensive even when you eat soup every day!  Submitting to art comeptitions is £15 per painting and my work deserves to be submitted to every worthwhile competition!  Frames are £80 minimum and my studio space is £120 per month. Canvas is expensive, paint is expensive and this doesn't include all my personal expenses like rent and food.

Rest assured, any money you send will go directly toward enabling the free flow of creativity.  I have my calling and now just need to find a way to make it financially sustainable.  Help me fill this world with more art!
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When I earn $100 per month, I'll do a portrait of 1 patron every month.
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