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About DARKnight$

DARKnight$ are a musical collective hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. We are a unique group of music lovers who create a special blend of music with the Electro Harmonix looper at the heart of the sound. We host a weekly live jam called "Red Light Sessions," where we experiment and improvise to create new beats and ultimately new songs. Often times we jam between three to five hours every Thursday night/Friday Morning and typically produce between six to twelve unique jams a week. We wish to continue the sessions along with providing more content such as CDs and MP3s, exclusive behind the scenes content, live performances, and music videos. We are also raising funds to acquire new equipment; due to heavy usage of our current equipment over the last three years. We hope to be embraced outside of our hometown of Anchorage and we hope to one day perform live in front of you!
- Vonnalet of DARKnight$
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When we reach our goal of $500 we will acquire a new looper which will replace our beat down Electro Harmonix 45000.
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