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On April 29, 2010, I uploaded the first installment of my machinima series, "Dragonball Shinnin." 10 years and 60+ episodes/specials/movies later, and I'm now in the final step of the first stage of this series. I want to rebrand the series as a completely original entity: "Shizukage."

In the second stage, I'll be rewriting the story to resolve consistency issues, casting voice actors, and hopefully hiring animators. This Patreon is here only to speed up the process.

As of 05/06/2019, I have 13,000+ subscribers. If only half of you pledged $1, that would be enough for me to quit my current job (I won't yet because that'd be irresponsible as hell) and devoted my time to reworking and completing the series. In addition to this, I have at least 3 more stories and a variety of games I can experiment with, and I hope that you all join me on that journey.
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