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About Purple Duck Games

This patreon is designed to help fund the development of further Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game from Purple Duck Games. It will allow us to continue to offer releases in our AL, CE, FT, Dispatches and PM line and provide both our writers and artists a greater return on their investment.

Currently Released:
1st - AL 8: Fire in the Mountain by +Daniel Bishop   (March 12th, 2017) (PDF/Print)
2nd - Dispatches IV by +Daniel Bishop (April 3rd, 2017) (PDF/Print)
3rd - PM 1 - Temple of the Locust Lord by +Daniel Bishop and +Mark Gedak (May 19th, 2017) (PDF/Print)
4th - PM 2 - Desolate Dwarven Delve by +Daniel Bishop and +David Nicholas Ross (July 24th, 2017) (PDF/Print)

Coming Soon:
- We have several products currently be written.
- Daniel has told me that Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores #3 will be ready before Christmas.

$95 of $300 per Roleplaying Game Supplement
We will pay all our writers of DCC products 0.02/edited word.
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