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For a just one dollar ($1) a month, (which is $0.25 cents a week), you will gain access to my Secret Patreon ONLY email. Since many people send me emails on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, I have too many to answer and it usually takes me a long time to respond. HOWEVER, if you pledge RIGHT NOW, all your questions for advice and help in life will be answered by me. I’ll answer these emails every week. (I will only answer Patreon fans via this email and will be checking if you are still a member before I respond). I will also add your name in stone on the wall of the entrance to the Nation’s Headquarters (whenever it's built) BECAUSE YOU ARE LOYAL!

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  {Silver Membership}

For just five dollars ($5) a month, (which is $1.25 a week), you will gain access to 320 gigabytes of Sefus & Sigga content. From Sefus unseen sketches to Sefus ranting on various topics, to Siggas & Sefus chillin unseen episodes, to the total collection of Da Kewncast Wit Sefus Audio & Video (Unless we cannot show the video for personal reasons lol). You'll also get access to the Secret Patreon Email and your name in stone on the HQ WALL!

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Personal Siggy Niggy Life Coach Readings Via Skype Or Audio Email 

{Siggy Life Coaching through the Darkness}

I do a Series on my Slog/Vlog where i give people readings on their personal lives & Troubles like a psychic reading. there are SO many people i want to help but do not have the time to respond in a hasty manner. FOR SIMPLY Eight ($8) Dollars a  month (which is $2.00 a week), i will be your personal LIFE COACH! 

This Perk will give you PERSONAL contact with me via email or skype call for 5 minutes or more if your situation truly needs it. 

Whatever issues you face i can and will help you within 48Hrs of you emailing my personal secret email address(Which i will give to you).

you will headline your issue with code Yellow or Code Red in the Subject line. 

If you have a code Yellow issue which means not that bad or just need some feedback or help. i will email you with audio of what you need to do to get out of your situation. 

If you have a code Red issue which is death, rape, abuse i will email you with a time within 48 hrs where we will have a skype call in which we TOGETHER united as one WILL get out of your situation. 

I TRULY hope if anyone of you are in ANY pain and need help to please give into this perk so i can help you to save yourself just as you helped me to save myself. 




Hello Nation & World.

I am Siggas and I have been making comedy videos for 8 years now on YouTube. In that time I have made over 100 million views on my YouTube channel as well as over 20 viral videos. I have also had my videos on TV 45 times (Yes, I count them each time LOL). I enjoy giving people laughs as well as motivation. I love to interact with the people who watch my videos. This is my career and my highest priority. 

I am honored you came to the Hub of our Nation! 

Before i was creating over 10,000 Hrs of unseen video content NOW i am creating a hub of all my content for the LOYAL MEMBERS of this NATION! PLUS  more interactions with you personally! 

What will be on this page?

The ability to gain access to my secret email in which ill reply to you CONSTANTLY & QUICKLY!

Helping you with personal problems or issues in your life with Audio emails & SKYPE CALLS!

Access to Audio/Video commentaries of ALL me & Sefus viral videos. 

Access to Angry black Man's, Challenges, Sketches & Sefus episodes before it is uploaded to my DCIGS account & NO ADS on those videos either!

as well as Co-hosting episodes of my slog once a month!

You will also get unseen episodes of Angry Black Man, to never before seen & uncensored Sefus videos, the p3rfect room-mate series, unseen vintage prank calls, trolling, fights, unseen rants, sketches, lost episodes of Siggas & Sefus chillin, to the video and audio portions of Da Kewncast Podcast Wit SEFUS!

Why did I launch this Patreon campaign?

Because I wish to create even more viral videos for you to laugh at and enjoy. YouTube is part of my entertainment career but isn’t stable as it once was. So if I were to upload these videos, they would fall into the cracks of the internet, never to be seen. At least now, the people who care, like and have fun can enjoy these unseen, potentially viral videos as well as gain access to me personally & Access to my videos before anyone else sees them.

This helps me keep my lights on, because YouTube isn’t stable and this way, I can keep on making angry rants for you. This takes away a lot of stress and worrying on my part, so that I can concentrate on creating more crazy content for you. The point is, I want to keep giving you CRAZY CONTENT for many years to come...

Did I forget to mention DIRT CHEAP PRICES?!

I have enough content for weekly uploads for at least 2 years, depending on the pledge you make. Thank you for reading, I love you always regardless of whether you decide to help or not.
YOUR fan,
UPDATES: 2-20-2015
I decided if we pass the $1,000 Mark to do give aways in the tune of 50 bux to two Patreon Pledgers monthly

Anyone giving any Pledge amount will be shouted out on my 2nd channel Dcigscomedy

54 of 444 patrons
For you guys making my life stress free to a degree! i am going to post the entire audio catalog of the Esther green cartoon series, this was a series that was supposed to be produced and could have possibly appeared on TV. I did character interactions, Like reverend JJ Hymen & Newchie talk about masturbation, Gay ricky does esther's Hair &  much More!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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