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Hi! :)
I'm Katja. Chances are that if you're here, you already know that. In case you don't, let me tell you what I do: In late 2012, I started a channel named "Deutsch Für Euch", having made the decision to finally go through with a project I had been wanting to do for years. In January 2013, I uploaded my first video explaining what my goal on said channel was: Teaching people German.

DFE's main focuses are:
  • GRAMMAR - making German grammar both entertaining and comprehensible, by going beyond the common "just accept it" attitude of many (most?) teaching programs.
  • FUN - I'm a goof ball. I mean, some things you just have to explain and stay serious about, of course, but it's important to make yourself enjoy what you're doing - so why not help the learning along with a little silliness?
  • COMMUNITY - by now the DFE crowd has grown to a size that makes it hard to keep track of all interactions and comments that are left for me on a daily basis. Regardless, I do my best to answer whatever questions do come up and generally like to interact with my viewers. If you don't get a response, rest assured I have at least read you comment - I know from my own experience as a community member how great it feels to hear back from content creators. I'm grateful for how lovely the vast majority of you are <3

Besides grammar, I like making lighter episodes about facts and trivia surrounding German and Germany, as well as the occasional collection of vocabulary. Plus, every now and then, I upload a video entirely in German to practice your understanding! :)

I'm a language enthusiast and while I'm not an "actual" teacher yet, I am studying towards a teacher's degree (which is a special thing in Germany, yay) - a decision that came partly through doing DFE, I might add.
So, if after this you check out my channel (or if that is where you came from in the first place, which is even better), have a few euros or dollars (or whatever other currency) to spare and think my content is worth it, I would be very happy and grateful if you could support my Patreon campaign :) The money I make with this I won't have to make at some boring part-time job while still trying to focus on both my university studies and DFE - and I will put it back into enhancing the quality of the show and everything around it :)

If you do decide to become a patron, you will be charged whatever amount you choose to put in for every regular episode, so for when I upload grammar, trivia or a vocabulary list. This does not include irregular verbs, because they won't be affected by the changes I intend to make with the money.

Dankeschön! <3


PS: "What do I do if I want to make a one-time donation or simply show appreciation for older episodes?"
This question comes up every now and then. It never really occured to me, but it does make sense that if you want to watch all DFE episodes in order and are just starting, it's going to take you a while to catch up and actively benefit from what this Patreon page supports. If that leads to you feeling like you'd rather make a one-time donation - or heck, even regular donations whenever you watch a new video if that's what feels right - you can do so through PayPal by making a payment to [email protected] Thank you to all of you who were so committed and pure-hearted to actually ask about this! <3
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