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Hi there. Around half of january, my 3TB SATA HDD died and I lost all of my personal files, customized configuration on everything, the progression on some games, my own mods for some games and job files. My economy situation is quite bad, personal as also in general in Argentina where I live. Health and medications are a priority over fixing my computer. I was trying to install Windows on an old laptop 50Gb HDD which I plugged on my Desktop's usb port as an external HDD. During the time that I was not able to use my Desktop, propertly, I was looking for some game on my phone, for me as also for my nieces. I found a game related with Final Fantasy, which is called Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. I couldn't believe how amazing this game is. Very nice model designs, nice colors, very nice story that make sense in a crossover that includes almost all characters from the Final Fantasy games. Full of nostalgia. The script is well treated, showing the personality of the character as they were shown in their specific games and it has the amazing scores from the Final Fantasy games.
When I started to play it, I felt that it is an incredible game. I didn't know if it was popular or if it was new. I knew nothing about the game. I just only knew that it has amazing character and a very well done crossover. So, I thought that maybe would be good to stream my gameplay. I was not a PRO, I didn't have any knowledge about the game but even so I thought that maybe could be good for fans of Final Fantasy games that probably didn't know about this game, DFFOO, or probably knew something but didn't try it. Perhaps some could learn from my mistakes while I stream it. Anyway, I felt that it was a must show and stream. I don't have many followers and also I haven't done much to promote myself because it was not my goal. My goal has been always about to show the game and its gameplay while I have fun playing it, without making comments or showing myself or give any other sound than the game's sound and amazing music.
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