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About DFTBAndy

Hey there! My name is Andy and I create videos on YouTube.
You can check them out at https://www.youtube.com/user/DFTBAndy

This page is just for my hardcore fans who want to bring it to the next level and put a dollar amount on their support for me :)
Thanks so much for all of you who contribute in whatever way you choose!
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Make me Happy
per month
You will get access to Patron only posts (updates, outtakes, old unlisted videos).
More importantly I thank you for your contribution - you are awesome!
Make me Dance
per month
Once a month I'll dance at an interesting location and make a video for you to enjoy. (disclaimer: my dancing might not be recognised as such but rather as random body movements).

Plus all of the above.

Make me Sing
per month
You get to choose a song that i will then try to cover (and the emphasis is on "try". I'm not a musicial, I just like to make noise). 

Plus all of the above. 

Make me Say it
per month
I'll give you a shout-out in one of my videos - thanking you for your generous contribution to this Patreon. 

Plus all of the above.

Make me Vlog
per month
I'll make a personal video just for you!
You can choose a topic or task for the video. It's up to you to decide whether it should be published or just available for your own enjoyment. 

Plus all of the above.

$4 of $10 per month
Actually take Patreon seriously and not just use the money to support other creators.
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