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Hello beautiful people! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I wanted to take this time to not only thank each and everyone of you, but to introduce you all to our group. We are a growing community that prides ourselves on the content we create. We like streaming and hosting, and have TONS of content to offer. My co-owner and myself run the show with my wife handle the numbers in the background. Shes super smart and you'll even catch her gaming with us. Our end goal is to make our own game, and along the way release content and host private servers.

We have been hosting servers for over 10 years and gaming for a lot longer than that. It's what we love to do. It brings laughter and enjoyment to everyone around. But something we could never get over is the communities. Its so hard to find the right one. This one is too cold, that one is too hot. There is never one that was built just for the community, rather than for the game.

That's one of the things we wanted to change by starting Dark Karma Gaming. To give our users a place to unwind and enjoy our content in a moderated closed community that you can trust. No trolls, no drama, no hate. Just the games you love, in community you love, with the friends and family you love. To top that off, we are working hard on a title of our own. The whole world will get to play, but not before you!

Join our growing family, and experience what it's like to be cared about!
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$5000 /mo would allow us to expand and offer this amazing community more games to play. It also furthers our goal to making our own game. To be specific we could add in another private gaming server and pay for schooling in C# and design to further our education at making our own games.
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