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Hi there! I'm Darryl, just your friendly neighborhood, doodling nerd! 


Well, webcomics to be more precise. And you can find my stories, for free on LINE Webtoon!
My forte is in romantic fantasy, considering my current works, "The Damsel, the Witch, and the Dragon," and "Breaking Peace." However, I hope to try the waters in other genres like thriller and slice of life. 


First off, to those who have given me so much support, monetary or not, I can't thank you enough! For someone to be familiar with my work and yet want to know more about the author and the work that goes into each chapter, already means the world to me! So again, thank you


Basically, I'm like any other basic college student in their 20's: mostly broke, mostly tired, and taking each day one step at a time. Like most kids, I learned how to draw before I learned how to write. But even as a child, every stroke and every line of my random doodles had a story. From lost princesses to heroic beasts, when I saw art, it came to life. But time would tarnish my youthful imagination and before I knew it, art didn't speak to me like it used to. I began to doubt myself and fear crept into my decisions. My anxiety took the best of me and turned my imagination against me. Then one day, I read a webcomic and was reeled back into the world I once knew. Soon enough, I was eating up more stories than real food. From novels to anime and everything in between, reading consumed me; this new found hobby fueled a story inside of me - one that kept growing and growing until it forced itself out. As it so happened, "Breaking Peace" was born. And, wouldn't you know it, people actually really liked it! Some of them liked it so much, they decided to spend their hard-earned cash to show their support. And they did so, using this fabulous platform known as Patreon


Whether you're here because you saw my work, or you found me through the random fate of the interwebs, welcome! And whether it's me or someone else, it's never been a better day to show your support for the creators that inspire you! Of course, you'll get the benefits of rewards and a look behind the scenes, and that's great and all, but even more so, you will have just made a difference for a creator. Your support validates a creator's hard work and makes their creations all that more meaningful. And personally, I think that knowing that your support inspires someone that inspired you, is the best reward of all.  

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