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 So if you love what I do, and want to throw me a buck or two every now and then, the copper tier is my way of thanking you. This tier gets you a special role in my public discord to show of your coppery goodness, and a Vinyl Decal (sticker) of my logo to throw on your dice-box, DM-screen, or whatever else you feel like. 

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So if you really want to help me do what I do, $5 is a great way to do it. For that, you get access to everything in the copper tier, plus your choice each month of a homebrew Item or Spell, or a $10 discount off of commissions of $25 or more. You also Get a Snazzy Class Icon sticker from your favorite of my Homebrew classes!

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$10 a month Is above and beyond. If you are awesome enough to pledge at gold level, You will receive all the shiny stuff listed above, along with a full set of vinyl decals (My logo, and each of the class Icons). You also get your choice each month of an additional Homebrew Item or Spell, or an increased discount of $20 off of commissions of $50 or more 

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Hello Everyone, My Name is Sebastian McCoy, but if you are here, I'm guessing you already know me as DM Clockwork Dragon. I have been DM-ing for about 8 years now, and Every campaign I've ever run has been steeped in handmade homebrew content. in early 2017, I started publishing some of this content online, Starting with My Chronomancer Class, and somehow despite myself, I seem to have earned a small following.

All the content I produce is designed for D&D 5e and meticulously playtested to the joy or terror of my players and more, and much of it is actually playtested informally by the folks behind WOTC's Adventurer's Guild. I've done monsters, Items, Races, And of course my Homebrew Classes. I even have a full campaign Setting In the works!

But none of that would be possible without the support of you guys. Even before patreon, I've relied on the good graces of my fans to help inspire me and of course to play-test my work. This patreon isn't my way of trying to cash in - The reason I'm here is for you, through this patreon, I'm hoping to help make you guys a bigger part of what I do, and maybe give you the opportunity to support what I do in a way that means a lot.

Your support may not pay my bills, but that has never been my goal. What your support does do is give me the opportunity to afford more of my time towards producing great content for you all, and sharing that content with the amazing 5e homebrew community! So if you like what I do, consider dropping a dollar in my tip jar every month. I promise you won't regret it!

39% complete
We did it! Or, well, you guys did anyways - I just stood around looking stupid. With the $100 a month goal met, I'll finally be shipping out the first round of physical rewards in the form of Vinyl Decals of My logo and homebrew class Icons!
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