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We are the DNA Digital Network.

We started off with the Functioning Drunks Podcast (we just wrapped up our 29th episode). We have added The Reel Geno and HeiseNerd's three shows to our network recently, give you more content to stream on your various devices. 

We have plans for other projects and such. That's why you should join us. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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With this tier, you will get daily updates on the inner workings of starting a Podcast Network from scratch, and what trials and tribulations ensue.
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So, with $5, you're name will be mentioned on the show. It could be a thank you, a how you doin, or a we love you. Just depends on the mood.
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Every month that you support us with a 20 dollar bill, we will send out an autographed picture of a random Jackson. Could be Mike, could be Randy ... but it'll be one of OUR autographs ... plus, we'll read your name on a show.
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With 50 dollars, you get to decide the content of our show for one episode - Shows that are included in this: Cold Pizza & Functioning Drunks.
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With your $100 monthly contribution you get every tiers reward ... plus, Your own show on the Network for a month, up to 4 episodes in that months time. 
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Baby steps. 

We want to make people to laugh, to think, to cry ... we want to entertain. But we know, there is a lot of content out there. So we have to prove to you that we're here for the long haul.

And we are.
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