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Thank you kindly for those who aren't looking for any specific reward, but just want to do their part in making my content even better.  Every little bit helps!
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For those who want the ability to vote on which Brony Conventions I attend each year.  I hope to meet each of you face to face someday so I can thank you in person.
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For anyone who would like to use my voice for something short, I will record whatever you like up to thirty seconds long and send it to you.  This reward is renewable each month. (Just remember, I will not take part in any projects that include profanity, mature themes, or really anything NSFW related.)  Also includes the ability to vote on which Brony Conventions I attend each year.




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About DRWolf

Back in May of 2013, I made my first video about MLP Analysis and was immediately blown away at how much positive response I received.  I've spent the past year making more than two hundred videos and my audience has now grown to more than ten thousand subscribers.

Over the course of several months, I've been getting more than few requests from my fans to set up some way for them to support me more directly.  And using Patreon, I'm looking to make even better content for my audience with more artwork, voice actors, and even animation.  As well as the chance to travel around the country to visit some of the more prominent Brony Conventions.

Of course, I want to be worthy of your support.  I want to give back to those who help make this channel even better.  I'm interested to hear your opinions, your questions, and even your concerns.  Because as always, I am DRWolf, and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Improving the Moment With DRWolf series by doing sessions with each of the Mane Six (Complete with Competent Voice Actresses to play the parts)
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