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Yall get access to unreleased videos and comics I draw in my spare time!

Saints in Human Form
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This is even more amazing!!  Rewards are the same, but you guys are more awesome!




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About Delta Silver64

I'm not a sell-out I swear

  I don't have a debit card/ credit card yet, so I don't think you can patron me money just yet.  But when that comes, then this is for the people who can afford to give 1 dollar a month to me because I'm a growing teenager who doesn't have a part-time job yet.
  Basically if you be my patron, you get access to early videos that haven't been released yet and to videos I probably made in the third grade back in the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, CT.  Also, you'll be up to date with long term plans of projects I have, including a cool idea I'm rolling with when I get back from my summer break this year!

Ok, that's it for now.  Stay cool, amigos! 
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I honestly don't expect much of anything.
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