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About Drink Spin Run

Since 2014, Donn Stroud and Adam Muszkiewicz have hosted the Drink Spin Run tabletop RPG talk show podcast, eschewing the standard RPG podcast format for one that draws heavily upon the late night TV talkshow format, then throws that out the window. Every episode, Donn and Adam bring on a special guest or two and talk about influences away from the gaming table; namely, they ask what the panel is Drinking, Spinning (listening to), (Reading) and Running. In the next episode, the same panel assembles for a round table discussion of a specific topic in gaming. Some previous round tables have tackled monsters in RPGs, handling GM burnout, urban campaigns and plenty more. Honestly, there are so many things Donn and Adam want to talk to the broader gaming community about that they're not in any danger of running out of ideas any time soon. During the first season, DSR brought game designers, convention organizers, rpg bloggers and more including Harley Stroh (Goodman Games), Stacey Dellorfano (ConTessa), Jobe Bittman (Goodman & LotFP), Tim Callahan (Crawljammer), and even James Raggi (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) and starting in season 2, they're casting the net even further.

Here's where you come in. With your support, Donn and Adam will be able to make small improvements to the podcast over time. Things like improved hosting, better editing software (and maybe even hardware, but let's not get ahead of ourselves) and portable equipment to handle things like convention coverage are the sorts of things that the crew would like to bring to the show, and you can make that happen! Further, the crew knows that Patreon supporters are the most dedicated fans a podcast can have and, as a result, we'll also be looking to you for more ideas on how to make the podcast better, opinions on what you'd like to see, guests we should track down, and even "third rail" topics to bring to our panelists. In short, the crew doesn't just want your monetary support, but also your involvement with the process of improving the show. 
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The DSR crew will commit to hosting an Actual Play podcast once or twice per month. Not only will Patrons have access to these podcasts first, but they'll also have the opportunity to play in these sessions, schedules permitting.
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