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About Dennis Sakaimbo

Robot lover. Kung fu fanatic. Cartoon and comic book enthusiast.

I was born in an era where shrouded warriors and one-man-armies took on insurmountable masses, and where shapeshifting robots combined into electronic armoured giants that flew through space. In the middle of all this, I discovered comic books (Superman) and newspaper cartoons (Garth). It was then that I realised I had a knack for drawing and a penchant for my own universes.

Over the years, I drew my own comic books and wrote my own novels, none of which I took seriously enough to publish. Until now. Three decades later and I’m still the same guy, but now I’ve got the Internet, satellite TV and digital paints in my arsenal of influence, so why not?

Well, let’s give it a go, shall we?
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To break into the scripting, storyboarding and art elements of manga, anime, film and video games.
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