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is creating Methods for Dose Individualization in Cancer Treatment
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You are a person with cancer or other serious disease, who wishes to learn about and support my efforts to develop methods for individualizing drug dosing.
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You have enrolled in a drug trial, and wish to support my efforts to develop methods capable of finding the right dose for each participant in such trials.
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You are a patient advocate who wishes to learn about and support my efforts to bring dose individualization to all phases of drug development.




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About David C. Norris

As a precision-medicine methodologist, I develop mathematical and statistical methods to make more precise medical care possible. One sorely neglected type of precision in medicine is precise drug dosing. To promote dose individualization in cancer (and other serious diseases where it can also make a big difference for patients), I have developed and published a methodologic framework I call Dose Titration Algorithm Tuning (DTAT).

Here on Patreon, I hope to build a community of patients and advocates who want to become knowledgeable and effective proponents of individualized dosing in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. As a matter of principle, I make all of my published research in this area publicly and freely available without paywalls. This includes open-source computer code, apps, and other resources—including lay 'explainers' that appear here now as unpaid posts.

The paid content I post here consists of a series of short videos expanding on those outreach efforts. Each video will introduce a different aspect of my argument against 1-size-fits-all dosing. I expect the full series to run to a total of about 2 dozen videos, produced initially at a rate of 2 per month until I get the hang of the process. I very much hope these videos will provoke comments by and conversation with my patrons, and I look forward to engaging with you.
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When this outreach effort has attracted 20 patrons, I'll post our 2nd video in the series, demonstrating a dose-titration design in contrast to the dose-escalation design of the first video.
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