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Denounce the Deception is a non-profit media source bringing the people of the United Kingdom the news as it's not being told anywhere else.

Founded in 2016, as an media arm following actions of Practical Lawful Dissent, Denounce the Deception exposes treacherous acts by our politicians and centuries worth of treason against the people.

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Since 2016, Denounce the Deception UK has had to rely on small donations or none at all. With the launch of the new campaign site at, we are leaving the option for fans, campaigners and alike to help us by donating. 

Any donations made will be logged and will also help fund the maintenance of

Denounce the Deception and Practical Lawful Dissent require Monthly donations to ensure that Denounce the Deception UK and another one of our sites ( can be maintained. We believe that, with the appropriate funding, we will be able to keep campaigning for the restoration of the peoples Constitution without any interferences.
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