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About DX

Yo, it's DX. From Youtube. You may know me from A Critique of Rainbow Six Siege, or The Worst Steam Library. I'm a critic who dissects things I'm passionate about, primarily in the video game scene. I've been doing this for nearly 6 years now, and as of late, I've seen a rise in heavily misinformed and biased content that doesn't paint an accurate picture of the game in discussion.

My goal is to create well researched and cited analysis that sparks discussions based on issues we can all relate to, and well executed mechanics we can all enjoy. 

Simply put, if you want to watch someone who knows what they're talking about, I'm your guy.

Your support on this page goes towards helping me pay for the softwares that make this content possible such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Substance Painter. I don't believe in paywalled exclusives for support, however, there will be monthly updates in regards to upcoming content to the Youtube channel and the games I stream on Twitch posted here.

Thank you for the consideration, and likely, the support over the years.
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