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Hi there.  
*D-Dan- Dan!* here, and welcome to my Patreon. ╹◡<

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to view this page! =D
Any support at all is already of great help!
D-Dan- Dan!, though still in its early stages (plus my workflow is a little slow), is a YouTube Channel devoted to creating video-game ideas and sharing them in the form of a video presentation.
Bringing ideas, characters, concepts and other content to life, not just to entertain, but to encourage a community where we aren't afraid to share our ideas, where we can all talk about it and help each other grow, establishing a healthy community of creative thinkers who aren't afraid to think outside the box or experiment with new ideas or concepts.

It is for these reasons that I look forward to reaching out to you.
As a content creator, I am eager to build a strong connection with my viewer, and hear their thoughts on my content and the things they enjoy, so that I may be able to grow and broaden my perspective.

I want to be able to give and share the love, taking an interest in things my viewers like in order to build a mutual relationship where we can all have fun and be positive regardless of our different views and opinions, and encouraging those who see our growth to do the same.

Looking at my first video, I've started the channel with some very basic concepts, gradually scraping the surface after each video [ except for some in-betweeners with re-used assets here and there. ;) ] and have got some really interesting content planned out for the future.

Why Patreon?
I hope to use the money from this Patreon to help support the channel, something I was unable to do previously.
I have not accepted any donations in the past and the job hunting and Freelancer projects these past 2 years have made investing time and work into the channel rather difficult.
I was so surprised when I read the reactions to my Ness's House in 3D show reel video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=208YJTp9rc4 ). x'D
It made fans of EarthBound that saw it very happy and that made me very happy. Re-imagining part of a game both they and myself love, in 3D (which they loved 1st since I didn't grow up with a SNES) made for a heartwarming connection and encouraged me to want to make even more content they would want to look forward to in a similar way.

I've got a LOT more ideas [ literally boxes full of 'em ;) ] in store for my viewers and will be thrilled to welcome you to them.
A brief summary about me:
Hi! I'm Danie. I studied for a Diploma in 3D Graphic Design & Digital Animation and graduated on 26 February 2016 and have been drawing character and experimenting with different ideas (mainly due to my curiosity of how stuff worked) ever since I can remember.
- And I hope to utilise these for future videos.
I thank you so very much if you choose to support me! ^^
And even if you choose not to, both current and future content will be available on my channel for you to see. For free! ( Hey, that rhymed. =] )

Once again, thank you so much for your consideration and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Yours sincerely
- Danie ╹3╹
$0 of $50 per month
This seems to be pretty solid starting goal. =)
If this goal is reached, I'll be able to get a new headset for the channel.
This will open up new possibilities for future content, potential streaming and will allow for voice channels in the Discord.
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