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My goal is to build a very successful YouTube channel/Production for all to enjoy. I have made Compilations, Biographies and more. Thanks to all my fans I have passed the 1,000 sub count and alot more hours then needed to be partnered. Well, I applied and was denied. Not to mention my video was age restricted. It's a police bodycam video and has over 210,000 views atm.
People enjoyed it and I never thought I'd get these views. I'm really big into YouTube, I watch it like cable TV. I put 60 hours in a week watching it, learning, researching and studying. Trying to figure out why others can get away with things but smaller creators get screwed. Also looking for the next most interesting clips. Please check out the channel, I am currently working on more videos.I am making one more Police shootout compilation which is narrated and will be out this week. These 2 videos help bring in viewers and I'm so thankful for all of you. I'm going to have to private these videos in the next 26 days or so to reapply for the YouTube partner program. Once I'm done with the next video I will be bringing something different to the channel. Just not sure yet. I will not stop until I'm a full time YouTuber. I'm 31 years old with daughter. Do you know how bad it feels when you can't get your own child v bucks sometimes and she misses out on that legendary skin. This is for my baby girl, family and everyone who doubted me. I will not stop for anything. YouTube is my life and I love what I do. I'm only trying to follow my dream. I know what I will become but time is of the essence. 
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Thanks everyone. Make sure you check out the channel and comment. If you want me to sub to you also comment. Love you guys and thanks for the support!
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