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About Adame Dahmani

Web Sidekick - WordPress & Web backed Solutions

Professional web marketer, designer, and developer with over 14+ years of experience. My goal is to

help individuals and small businesses to:

  • Have a functional, stunning and well-performing websites
  • Have a better social media presence
  • Run more effective and profitable advertising campaigns
  • Monetize their web properties the right way

I do:

  • Website building, both web design, and web development
  • WordPress as an ultimate tool for building things
  • WordPress hosting, maintenance, and security
  • Funnel hacking, automations
  • Web marketing, including SEO, SEM, SMM

You can find me blogging on my website (, or sharing knowledge and experiences at communities likes Quora (720k views), Reddit, Github, StackOverflow, and other similar places.

You can reach out through my contact page.

God bless.

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