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Hi! Thank you for visiting my Patreon page.

Even if just one person finds a moment of peace because of my live meditation sessions, then this is all worth it! Building a meditation practice is tough. I've been working on it since 2010. I've picked it up, dropped off and then picked up again - all the time struggling to do it daily. I know how challenging it is to make time each day to calm our minds on our own. Now that I have a daily practice, I want to help you have one of your own.

That's why I've started doing daily LIVE meditation sessions online. It helps anyone who wants to take a few moments of calm each day to be able to do that with a regular live session from the comfort of their home Every. Single. Day!

I don't know of any such LIVE series of meditations happening daily online that exists on the web as of this writing!

When you become my Patron, you are not only helping me towards my goal of doing this full-time but also helping countless people calm their minds. There is a saying that when you help one person, that's wonderful. But when you help someone who is helping many others, your blessings and good karma points are simply infinite!

I'm eager to welcome you as one of my patrons. And I'm looking forward to growing with this community and creating content that helps calm and strengthen our minds.

Thank you!

~ much peace,

PS: I almost forgot! Here is my YouTube channel where you can join in daily Live here:

Or you can watch the recordings on my website:
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With this goal met, I can commit full-time to creating audio/video/text content for you on inner-peace and calming the mind, such as live events, video courses and in-person retreats.
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