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GET ON THE BUS:  Hey, every penny helps, and if everyone who read DT contributed at this level, we'd hit our goal in less time than it takes a SAAB 99 EMS to reach 100 mph.  As a thanks, your name will be included on the list of DT supporting cast on a dedicated thanks page on the website, and you will have our eternal gratitude. 
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THREE CYLINDERS: Inline-3 engines may be rackety piles of garbage, but anybody who drives a Wartburg Knight is a king in my book.  Includes all above, plus a shoutout in a future DT podcast.
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FIVE DOORS: Everybody who is anybody knows that wagons are the best -- contribute at this level and we promise to include more wagons.  If you donate at this level, you get all above, plus we will mention you by name at our next AAA meeting....or is that a AA meeting...I get confused.  Hi my name is Vince and I own a lot of vehicles.  Hi Vince.




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About Daily Turismo

The Situation:
Daily Turismo is a blog founded in 2012 by a collection of car enthusiasts, lunatics, and wanna-be writers to feature the internet's best cheap daily drivers, vintage classics, and custom junk for sale in the world. When we aren't finding the best deals on used cars, or trying to finding a pun for the name Cimarron, we are racing, buying, breaking, fixing, and dreaming about cars.

For the past 3 years, DT has been a volunteer "nights and weekends" gig that has produced 5000 posts, 25,000 comments, and 6,000,000 pageviews, but with your help we'd like to make it even better.  DT makes a few bucks from the ~300k pageviews we get each month via banner ads & affiliate kickbacks, but it isn't enough to properly reward our contributing writers and grow the site. 

On average we publish 4 features per day, and feed those into social media (Facebook and twitter) but we would like to increase the quantity and quality of those posts, and frankly, we need help.  Wanna know more about us? Read about who and what we are in the DT Manifesto.

The Dilemma:
In truth, we want to do more with DT, so the question as to how to achieve that goalOne solution was to start charging sellers to list their car on DT, but that will certainly change the dynamic of the website to one founded for the buyers to one funded by the sellers.  Eventually we'd start our own internal auction format, and listings on the site would become one huge blue-chip restoration showcase where the customer is the seller, but the readers end up footing the bill by paying high market value for nice cars...you can see where that leads.  Another option is to get readers to help fund the site via a paywall, but nobody wants that...so what if we try pledges from our readers? 

What We'd Use The Money For:
We set a goal of $5,000/month. That money plus other income will be enough to keep Daily Turismo publishing good stuff for years to come.  What are we going to use the money for?

Hosting: The internet might be free to browse, but it certainly isn't free to host, and as DT grows we need to make sure our host servers can support the site in good times and bad.

Boosting Posts: On the facebook, if you publish a feature, it might not make it into your followers feed, unless you pay facebook some mafia style bribe.  Capice?

Website Development: The blogger system is a great way to start a quick/easy blog, but the limitations on what you can do, and issues with commenting are frustrating to reader, blogger, and editor alike.  Moving to a different platform like wordpress is the logical next step, but we need an infusion of cash to help pay programmers/developers to do it.

Starving Kids: DT's contributing writers have so far been unpaid, but we want to change that and compensate them for their time. 

That's about it, if we can hit some of those goals, we can make DT into the site that grow and prosper.

If we can beat the $5,000 per month target, we can start to expand DT by adding more features (podcasts, video/youtube channel, market research widgets, DT mobile app, external search feature?) and products (more T-shirts, calendars, car magnets, etc).  Thank you for your support.

DT Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder   Vince
Technical Editor & Co-Founder   CFlo
Contributing Writer   Hunsbloger
Logo Guru & Graphics   Kaibeezy
Contributing Writer   PhiLOL
$0 of $500 per month
If we reach this goal, we will be able to throw some cash at DT's contributing writers.
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